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The Slow Cooker (the automatic girlfriend)

Figuring out the interaction between you life energy and trading it for money is a life-time practice.

A good analogy is a Slow Cooker you can throw all sorts of ingredients in and as long they are reasonably fresh you will fine.

Rather nice to come back from a day moving stuff around in excel to find a hot meal with enough left overs for the next day.


Lost in the post…..



Favourite ingredients which were marinating for 29 years….

Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes

First Album

Evolution and Mindfulness
Is it work if you get paid for it?

Van the Man

Food stamps to a Lambo?

From the Cubicle

Is there a studio?
But Why?
Pete Miles
Pete 2
‘They Still have a sign up?’
‘We only open at 11am on Sundays or special visits… for a fee’
‘It’s 70 GBP’

Was the Breitling real?

Let’s ask the Director

Despite all the hours of carrier bag recording we got some good footage

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