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2019 Blueprint

“Ask a man to show me his plans and I will tell you his bank balance”


It’s On

From a Seiko to a RollyIMG_20181230_173652.jpg

Blog Writing List 2019

”How did it come to this?”

Three things you NEVER discuss

The Pen Drive in the mail

Which page do you turn to first?

”It’s a cultural thing”

The fat man with the vanity plate

‘You woke up?!’

Missing the paint for the Space Shuttle

The New Paradigm

The Long Tail

‘You are not a salesman’

The next room

‘What is driving you?’

God’s work

‘Where are you going to be in 5 years?

Apply your own oxygen mask

The Three Pillars

Beyond Analytics

‘Cool your jets’

It’s kind of a war

Life is tooo short

We can get to Mars but we don’t know what to eat on the journey

Wherever you roll out your mat

Put it on the shelf

Touch people

Keep rolling until the wheels fall off

Run the numbers and the jewels

All the Beanie Babies in Xanadoo

Navigating the Mortgage Maze

Quit typing

Making Cheddar

Share the wealth

You are cheap

‘This is shrewd marketing’

You are a leader

Everyone needs a strategy

Union Street

You can’t stand on that!

Destination Aberdeen

In the Pay Dirt

The Rigs are coming

‘I’ll give it a go”

The Keys to the Kingdom

Christmas is the same day every year

Eating shit

Riding to work

I’ll be there

Just bring them Pizza and Beer

Same time next week?

Time to clean the sticky fingers

The craftsman

A man needs a code

Unless they some smart ass pawns


Feeding on table crumps

The Tumeric Spiced Latte

Moving shit around in Excel


Selling Shovels in a gold rush

A PhD in eBay

”Some People Never feel the cold”

Red Hats

The Gardener

The Watchman

The Startup

A survival job

The Sheridan School of Economics

Kidney Beans in the Bunker

Money for old rope

Angels Landing

The Airbnb Guest

To Infinity and Beyond

No pockets in shrouds

What do you think you are doing?

Box Ticking

Up and to the right

The Big Book Flips

Can the Geologist call 2708

Stacking the delivery receipts

The Pine Barrons

Speculate to Accumulate

‘Get out of Mudlogging’

Selling out to Big Oil

Dead Time

Vested interest

Pay it forward

Reach Down the ladder

The fruitmachine in your pocket

Simple but not easy

Back for my Premier Account

Ticking off Nanes

50 Raffle Tickets

Short Memories

A long night with the cicadas

Eat your dinner off that floor

”So I says to him”

Auctioning off your time

A man does not need 20 different loaves

Don’t shit where you eat

Mr. Excel

The Lost Red Bicycle

Hiring Now

The Steaming Turd

I am not a slave

The Bellagio vs The Four Seasons

All the Books

Singing from the same hymm sheet

The melting ice sculpture

Never waste a good crisis

Pruning the dead wood

Go all in

Tap City

Delivering Happiness

Book the studio

Filling the arc

Don’t go near the edge

Little green workers



The Blue Pill

Everything is just fine

Buying opportunity

Someone’s  asset

The Stocks Don’t Care

The Yellow BMW

Volume or Capital

The Ideal Product

A Guaranteed Return

Sales Rank

The Customer is always right

Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans

Back to Basics

Everything is for Sale

What is the Price you want to pay to get there



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