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The Story in Three Laptops

‘We don’t stock any Asus right now its all HP’

The First was a Prize

1st Prize for a Team from Parrswood High School under the tutelage of Mr. Baker, Physics 2006.

The ‘contest’ an Energy Policy for the Next 50 years...

I believe Joshua Dowie, Salauddin and Co. got a wee letter from Tony.

No so much Science, more SI Swimsuits…

Said Laptop was resold for 200 GBP!

‘What is the return on Free ?’

The Second a 400 GBP Behemoth

from CEX Bristol University 2007-2010

Still running today.

‘do you need a thermonuclear device to power that thing?’

‘does it double as a chopping board?

Third innings?

Does it run Crysis?
well lets here from Mr Allen

The company’s slogan/tagline was “Rock Solid. Heart Touching”, then “Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection.” Currently it is “In Search of Incredible.”

Times change but some things are Rock Solid

BRB Need to go Plug in a Laptop….

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