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My old man knows a thing or two about Gardening.

No David Beckham

And I suppose I have always liked running around naked in the fire-hose of the market.

But every Bodnant needs the right design otherwise you plant the scrappy seedling next to the wall and after ten years the roots knock it over.

‘But it’s tiny and only £ 2 from Lidl!!’

The right plan is 90% index funds again we will dig into why soon…

Suffice to say Uncle Jack also knew a thing or two about Gardening

Market Conditions

Next comes understanding the soil. JD Stein calls this analysing Market conditions. This doesn’t have to be watching every candle stick, ticker or climax top….

At the end of the day the stock market behaves like a voting machine but as Mr B knows over the long term it is a weighing machine.

So design, plant and keep planting, eventually that seed will fall on receptive ground.

A key Principle is pay yourself first- the IRS and HMRC know a thing or two about this.

Note: This gardener pays all his taxes!

Fire Sale!

Be your own Geoff Hamilton

Going DIY is great you don’t really miss the 50-250 you can squirrel away each month. A little bit of self enforced frugal-ling can focus the mind, putting down roots to go a long way.

You can also take some of this Windfall off the top to funnel into a profitable side-hustle slowly growing your Money Trees.

The amazing thing is that these tiny seeds you plant today in your 20’s and 30’s can reap massive rewards which are not fully realised until that giant redwood is blocking out the sun.


The argument for and against growing poppies, potatoes and petunias rages back and forth. Some farmers will tell you stick with what you know others will say sow those wild oats far and wide..

Know Thyself

As with many things in Life the Man in the Mirror is often the hardest place to look and even then he can suggest doing the wrong thing. Remember for every buyer there is a seller and you are up against Serena and Venus Williams across the stock market fields.

Have a Good Filter

CNBC make their corn in watching every rose bloom, every thorn in the CEO’s side and suggesting every bud could be the next APPLE Inc. It is wise to turn off the chainsaw from time to time and take a long walk with friends.

After all there are no pockets in shrouds.


Sometimes a hailstorm will just batter the whole harvest. This is the time to leave the orchard fallow, go back to the drawing board or sometimes throw it away and start from scratch.

Patience. It can feel like nothing is happening what is the point of cycling to work, brown bagging lunches etc. For the first 10 years storm clouds can gather, thorns and weeds take over.

Emerging Markets?

Slash and Burn

As we learned during the Geodirk Season... These periodic fires, cleansing or fallow years can be the seed of germination the kindling for your next idea, business or goal.

Eventually the gears of the John Deere Tractor start to spin and you will be glad you spent the time sketching out those tax sheltered accounts…

As with life having enough skin in the game is crucial. No too much that you get wiped out and bet the Farm but enough to learn and grow.

The best seeds to plant in your early career are Skills. Ask not what I am earning now but what kind of meadow do I want to frolic in during the next 50 years.

Those £ 9.99 Japanese Maples from Aldi- Bargain!

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