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If the Man Upstairs were to design a product to flip it may well be the humble book.

It is important to enjoy your successes as well as your plans. So today I reflect on four books which produced Crypto like returns!

  1. Easy to Pack and Ship
  2. Practically indestructible….
  3. Low customer return rates- ‘well they can always be sent to the Charity Shop….’
  4. Plentiful and disregarded…

We have to wind the clock all the way back to 2011….

…….Too far

2011- Chester, UK

It was the days before Oxfam started scanning shelves at least in that store.

Methuen Handbook of Colour Hardcover – 1978

I remember thinking this looks like a Trumped up Dulux colour guide complete with magnifying glass. The condition- Immaculate.

I listed it for an ambitious £ 250 and it sold within a week. Well you can imagine my reaction.



Turns out there was more to come…..

2018- Aberdeen UK

Michael Harris: Mdina Glass and Isle of Wight Studio Glass Paperback – 2006..

Giving away the secrets…

The Public Inquiry into the Piper Alpha Disaster (Command Paper)
by Lord Cullen

I managed to rescue this two volume set from a pile of books that were about to be discarded. It records the investigation into the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster.

The purchase was made by a local family.


Carl Sagan-Cosmos-1st UK Macdonald Edition-1981

This is one that hurt to part with but it was going to a good home. After the events of the next week I wished I had hung onto it.


When hunting for rare books the weirder the better:


”Anything that is teaching your grandma the Tao Te Ching while snowboarding down the Champs-Elysees.”

Sells really well.

Turns out that the originals to the Methuen Handbook of Colour were lost in a House fire !

Guess that is one investment I should have hung onto!


For the man who got right back in The Chopper.

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