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Specialise, Specialise, Specialise 


From an Early Age we are taught to choose between Geography and History. Between Philosophy and Art. Then we all get 15 hrs of  a week of Math, English and Science, herded into battery farms for arbitrary 1-hr blocks sat down…

Remember sitting is the new smoking…

I realise massive steps have been made in the past 20 years since I was skipping gym class. Martin Lewis has recently  driven through a textbook and financial education is now on the curriculum.

But the fact that this was over a decade in the making and had to be funded by the man himself is symptomatic of the problem with our current system.

Fast forward to 2019 and we have amazing power to reach anyone whether with 25 characters or more… Everyone now has a smartphone from the C-suite to Union Street.


Going back to the financial education I received at school. I can recall 1hr on how to write a cheque… Does anyone under 30 still use cheques?

Frankly it was crazy that one of the Three Pillars. Managing your money was left to the chance of who your parents were and what The Media machine funnelled at you during add breaks on SMTV Live.


Hi Cat!

We were never taught the magic of compound interest in your money but also in your relationships, and life. There is a school of thought that ramming advice down peoples throats really turns them off to the Money issue.

JLCollins and Co. covered this well in. How to talk to your kids about money.

But as adults we have the tools and the books – to achieve the marginal gains that over a lifetime come to be know and the talent stack…

Turn off the noise

The Roulette Wheel

Parents are a massive influence on us….and children learn by watching how you act not what you say. ‘re-using tea-bags, extra hot water to top up tea pots and exclaiming ‘How Much!’ when the Bill arrived was the normal routine.

This is the scarcity mindset which serves you well once you have accumulated resources but can sabotage you as you go about creating an Empire.


The folks at the Bellagio Poker table saw me coming a mile away!


We are in danger of falling into the same must find a niche for ourselves in our career. Remember a career is not the mandatory shovelling shit for 40 hrs a week for 40 years it can be something that is a net positive to the world and yourself.

Once a lawyer, architect, doctor always one can be just as destructive as chasing the next big pay day or the Ferrari or the Z7.


‘why did you buy a Kraut car!’

Following the crowd and keeping it in the family can be equally stifling. You only have to read about what happened to Crypto Pioneer Charlie Shren IV.


Public Service Announcement

The solution is to start with what lights your jets. Where did you first flick in the broadsheet newspaper (not page 3!)


Personally it was always the Money pages nestled between the Weather and the Sport. I couldn’t get enough of the stories about saving 25% of your income or what was the hot ISA of choice.

It was so much fun going to The Bank and emptying a coin jar onto the counter and seeing the numbers slowly creep up in my pass book.

Not so much fun for the clerk…

I was to learn later the ins and outs of operating the coffee machine for the Subsurface Directors of this world while opening their current accounts.

Next it was the Middle East politics section there was always something going on and it remains a hot bed of entrepreneurship and change.

I still feel a similar way about Cricket and 2005 well it was one of those defining summers when everything else just paled into the background


Cricket is a good analogy for a career- sometimes you are on the front foot and other times you are ducking a screaming bouncer. The fact that it can end it a draw after 5 days and you can drink as much beer as possible is just the clincher.

Change Clothes

Your passion can change with the Seasons if you are unhappy with what you are doing remember the obstacle is the Way. Sometimes all that reading about Help to Buy ISA’s comes in handy when you are opening them in the basement of a Union Street Bank.

As I grew up the Broadsheet gradually shrank to be replaced by the I. Times change and these 2006 Sony headphones need special batteries and 16hrs to charge. But I bet the sound quality will be the shizzle…




Moment of Clarity

So the ingredients seem to be a boat load of patience, balancing that with Chutzpah if you wait around long enough most people stop putting out content so keep going…

My old man ‘found’ his calling in Horticulture at the age of 30. Which seemed positively ancient growing up and listening to.

Still expecting the ‘AOL music’ stamp on Change Clothes torrented copy I had at 12.

Dirt of Your Shoulder

So like Mr. Pink says get in gear and Drive. But also know the road you are on we all play in this great sandpit of the age and if the ground is frozen sometimes you cannot plant any seeds.

And sometimes you just need to be in Nature.

Anyone find my notebook ?



Thanks to Faye for bringing that extra hot water and sliced bread on the house without me asking


Her father John Lowe has has built a business 10 restaurants across Aberdeenshire

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