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“What come first, peace or the paper?” -Nas

This money game and it is a game is actually fairly easy. The thing to do is optimise your time. Suck every moment out of your 20’s and 30’s to sock away cash.

In a word if you have to eat shit, grab the nearest spoon and start shovelling.


Mmmm Frugality

You could even start selling, books, beanie babies anything with a barcode!



They ain’t stopped printin’ money, ’cause they made mine
I learned to stretch time, these are the best times
I’m in my neighbourhood in stadiums, the Mets’ kind
With restaurants and Carbone, spicy rigatoni
Go hard, a red Bordeaux, oh God!



As we know from Mr Rohn if you don’t have enough reasons you will find an excuse. Seth Godin calls this The Resistance.

Mr Vaynerchuk calls it caring what other people think.


Whatever you call it the voice in your head is working to keep you safe.

But will you be safe, miserable and fat at 40, 50, 60? 

Or will you ‘wake up’ and start looking at the world in a different way.


Happiness (the only metric)

For what it is worth I would rather be happy searching a garage full of books at 6am on a cold December morning for ‘ What to do with my life?’ by Po Bronson.


Great book btw because it makes you realise there are millions of people who:

A) Don’t give a toss about you. No cares as much about you, your money or your health as you.

B) Too busy buried in their phone to care what you are doing.

There is no C.

As long as those in catagory B are buying my latest charity shop finds here

Then crack on!


Status Anxiety 


This is the new Disease in America. Driven in part by social media and its endorphin delivery system. Ever noticed the delayed notification when you open Linkedin…..

……will I be validated

……does anyone love me

Screw validation the only metric is what you produce whether it is $5m a year like Reezy who pulled himself up from food stamps.


The answer is the article will never be perfect, nothing is perfect the sooner you relax and not worry about what the World thinks the sooner you can allocate your precious mental bandwidth to actually changing it!


You have BOAT loads of time

Just take your nights and weekends and do something productive instead of switching on the idiot box.




Unless you are watching my channel.


In which case Mazeltov!



You either get out there and ride the Bridge or you don’t. Simple. But do it because it makes you happy that is the only Path.

A funny thing happens you start working with others who enjoy the same things.

Opportunities Pop. Like Yellow BMW’s or whatever you drive they are always out there but now you actually attack them.

Oh and if digging around in The Excess is too hard.

You can always tell the Girlfriend’s parents at dinner you work on Wall Street !



NB: The Bike got stolen while on a date. Doh!


This story has stuck with me: ‘I’m walking to The Bridge if one person smiles at me… then I won’t jump’. 




Sadly in this city we have seen a spate of suicides. This article is from 2006 showing that the problem is anything but new.


Let’s try and take down some of the barriers at the root of this problem.

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