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Sometimes you have those moments in life when it feels like you are acting in The Shining, Shawshank or Misery. Lessons are everywhere if you can look.

Life in many ways is a one player game and that can be a power motivation for someone who was so addicted to computer games that he made his way upstairs to play Playstation (LMA Manager 2001) on that fateful Tuesday morning.

I suppose we all know where we were.


This is not to use the events for personal gain. But shared experiences are what binds humans together. At the other end of the spectrum is Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah the pull of the holidays even a song can be powerful that the childhood toys and songs we heard can transport us back, years.


The world’s biggest e-commerce sites recognise this and sales in the final quarter can make up for a meh initial 3.  Consumption from a position of status anxiety is very different to a loving display of plenty.

Cashflow Is King.PNG

Seasons in the used book and beanie baby market. Peaks in August for textbook season and December for you know what!

The New Year counter starts again at zero. But relationships have been built and systems optimised.




Remember untangling what felt like miles of fairy lights to find one popped bulb?

In 2019 it is now it is simply a case of a couple of clicks online and a single LED infused copper wire will be shipped from China for 10 bucks from BangGood

The Sun King eat your heart out.

Perhaps in the modern age we have lost patience. I often think that a business is like untangling those fairy lights, methodically checking each and replacing it with carols in the background and the Grizwolds on the Box.

How many Supergiants do we need find to power this?

Did you lose your Job?

Apparently in Scotland it is unthinkable that anyone would be sane enough or capable of cycling to work in December- arriving with blood and adrenaline pumping ready to be productive. It is also a sad state of affairs when a person riding to work under their own steam hears an F150 truck roar up and the driver holla ‘sucks to be poor!’.


All hat and no cattle?

Audiot ✔ check Custom number plate ✔ check. In a hurry and going nowhere fast ✔ check.

Police time is precious, as David Letterman recounts we should never take these people for granted. Ever. But we need to fix something fundamental in society when people insist on driving cars they can’t afford to impress people they don’t even like.

Simon Sinek is spot on to explain here that a little fire in life is a great ignition source for your career rocket.


HSBC Aberdeen to Dundee Bike Ride. Let’s Roll!


Welcome feedback at every turn but always look people in the eye and more importantly listen to their story.

Failing that just diffuse the situation with ‘the walls at my house are not 4 feet high!’

Thanks Derren!

Darren V. as he was known back in the day University of Bristol Alumni


Spookily I’ve been in that very dorm room. Under my own free will.


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